In the world of the web developer, tech moves fast. Through a fundamental understanding of interaction design and sound software development principles we can deliver experiences that are sure to make the end-user satisfied, regardless the nature of the project in question.

Previous projects.

Software engineering

Machine learning

Design and development of a mobile first ‘sample gathering’ web application with a server-less backend in Azure. Implementation of model training and versioning pipeline. The models where used by another web application for prediction through a real-time Tensorflow JS implementation.

[Python, Node, Tensorflow, Keras, Javascript, Azure (Cosmos DB, Functions)]

Software engineering

Real estate

Developing a machine learning framework for use in a real estate system with a React-based front end hosted on GCP. The framework includes data upload, model training, evaluation and prediction.

[NLP, FastText, Python, Node, scikit-learn, GCP, Firestore, Cloud run, OpenAPI, JWT]

Software engineering


UX design and development of a web application for a world leading company in network cameras. Work within a small team with adapting a web application UI for different hardware platforms.

[Typescript, React, Redux, Angular, Git, Electron, PowerShell, AWS, Webpack, Docker, Couch]