Machine learning.

In the last few years the machine learning revolution has given rise to wonderful new business opportunities. As automation and integration of intelligent solutions is spreading to new industries, some companies have just barely started while others have already made great headway. Regardless of which phase your company is in, our skill and expertise ensures that we are a competent partner in this new and exciting arena.

Previous projects.

Machine learning


Software development in Machine Learning for use with embedded systems for a client in the security industry. Mainly written in C/C++ and Python as well as shell script for development of test and training frameworks and data analysis.

App development

Machine learning

Design and development of a mobile first ‘sample gathering’ web application with a server-less backend in Azure. Implementation of model training and versioning pipeline. The models where used by another web application for prediction through a real-time Tensorflow JS implementation.

[Python, Node, Tensorflow, Keras, Javascript, Azure (Cosmos DB, Functions)]

Systems development

Machine learning

Vinnova project - Integrating a new AI-module into an existing system. The module was used for categorizing textual data in different classification systems, including text pre-processing and implementation of models for embedding words.

Front end development for this system, including a user interface in React to ease the data gathering and demonstrate the categorization. [NLP, Python, React, MongoDB, React, Javascript, Flask]

This client also let us modernize their existing web application from jQuery and webforms to React.

[Git, React, Javascript, C#, ASP.NET, .NET framework]

Machine learning


Preliminary study to investigate the possibility of applying AI, data science, and machine learning methods in a specific area for customers in the mobile industry.