Neodev Studio

With Neodev Studio we offer full in-house development from our offices in Malmö. In close collaboration with our customers we handle projects from start to finish.

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Neodev is founded by a couple of old colleagues. Their vision is an employee-owned company with focus on “the boundary between development and testing”. The values are openness, honesty, compassion and enagagement.


Neodev is awarded 100 KSEK from Almi in order to develop a testing framework (known as “Vizte”) to offer clients as a way of kickstarting their test automation.


The company decides to focus on software engineering instead of just test automation.


Neodev bets on machine learning and starts a series of seminaries and workshops related to the topic. Our first course “Introduction to Machine Learning and ANN” is held in December.


The machine learning course has become a success and is held 8 times in the year. Several of our machine learning experts are out on assignments. Neodev is awarded the “Gasellföretag” title from Dagens Industri.


We move to our own offices on Södergatan 3 in Malmö, which opens up for full in-house projects. Neodev wins a hackathon arranged by Helsingborg city.


With several successful projects in the bag, Neodev Studio projects now account for about 25% of our revenue!

Neodev Studio

Digitalization & the Cloud.

A typical Studio project often revolves around taking a pre-existing, often archaic, application and moving it into the present. We re-imagine old Pascal applications as user friendly web applications and build them on top of the latest cloud technologies.

The gains are enormous and usually lead to kick-starting broader digitalization efforts where old services start to become interconnected and new exciting possibilities open up!

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