An introduction to Neural Networks and Machine Learning

To help you get started within the groundbreaking field of machine learning, we offer a two day introductory course. We have developed the course by combining our years of experience in artificial intelligence, keeping up to date with new methods, researching market trends and listening to our clients’ needs.


This course provides an overview along with some practical experience of the machine learning area and techniques. In the end the participants should have a basic understanding of popular machine learning algorithms, deep neural networks and good practices for data handling. We will in the process present different perspectives and ways to categorize machine learning, such as Supervised learningUnsupervised learningClassificationRegression, and Clustering.

The course is a 2-day introduction intended for people with some programming experience but limited exposure to machine learning. Lectures are interleaved with practical exercises and examples where the participants will be required to solve and experiment with a number of typical problems and algorithms. The participants will employ Python and Python-libraries such as Scikit-learnKeras with Tensorflow backend and Pandas during the exercises.




The price includes course material, breakfast, lunch and fika.


For registration or questions contact Nura Mahmod at / 0709721384